NSN Coding

NSN Coding

The below products have got Defence NSN Codification.

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NSN Code


Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner 6850-66-159-7245 5 Litre Bottle
6850-66-159-7248 20 Litre Drum
6850-66-159-7249 200 Litre Drum
Triple7 AntiFoam 6850-66-155-7312 5 Litre Bottle
Triple7 EnviroClear 7930-66-159-7250 5 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Enviroscale 6850-66-152-0080 20 Litre Drum
6850-66-152-0081 200 Litre Drum
Triple7 FogPro 9150-66-163-7035 20 Litre Drum
Triple7 Heavy Duty 7930-66-159-7251 5 Litre Bottle
7930-66-152-0078 20 Litre Drum
7930-66-152-0079 200 Litre Drum
Triple7 Hospitality 7930-66-159-7252 5 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Iodosan 7930-66-153-2102 20 Litre Drum
Triple7 Metal Shine 7930-66-156-0358 5 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Odour Control 6840-66-154-6200 5 Litre Bottle
6840-66-159-7256 20 Litre Drum
Triple7 Safewash Liquid 7930-66-159-7257 5 Litre Bottle
Triple7 Safewash Powder 7930-66-159-7258 2kg Tub
Purasolve Brake Cleaner 6850-66-163-6890 20 Litre Drum
Purasolve EverSafe Atomiser 6530-66-163-7114 Each
Purasolve Parts Cleaner 6850-66-163-6889 20 Litre Drum
Purasolve Parts Cleaner SK 6850-66-163-6888 20 Litre Drum
6850-66-163-6887 200 Litre Drum
Purasolve PS-30 Parts Washer 4930-66-163-6884 Each
Purasolve PS-40 Parts Washer 4940-66-163-7116 Each
Purasolve PS Retrofit Kit 4330-66-163-7112 Each
Purasolve PS Resin Pre Filter 4330-66-163-6949 Replacement Cartridge
Purasolve PS Secondary Filter 4330-66-163-6950 Replacement Cartridge
Purasolve Surface Prep 6850-66-159-7259 20 Litre Drum
Purasolve Weapons Cleaner 6850-66-163-7352 20 Litre Drum
ActiveEco ActiRevenge 6850-66-163-6885 20 Litre Drum

Case Studies & More

Envirofluid is awarded a Standing Offer by the Australian Department of Defence
MRO Standing Offer: SON 404267

Envirofluid has been paneled by the Australian Department of Defence to provide over the counter purchasing for Army, Airforce and Navy across our entire product range.

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Envirofluid Director meets with the Minister for Defence Personnel

Ben Ohlmeyer meets with Honourable Dan Tehan MP at the Defence and Industry Conference in Canberra, to discuss solutions for Defence’s requirements including increased personnel safety, reduced risk and cost savings.

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