Navy & Maritime Sytems

Navy & Maritime Sytems

Making life easier and safer for all on board with high performance, non-toxic & non-hazardous descalers, degreasers and cleaning chemistries that protect your personnel and your assets.

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Triple7 and Purasolve worksafe and environmental chemistries provide complete solutions to specialised cleaning requirements within many areas of the Department of Defence.

Benefits include:

Navy & Maritime Sytems
  • High Performance
  • Less Corrosion
  • Odours Eliminated
  • Lower Disposal Costs
  • No Toxic Off-Gassing
  • Safer Handling
  • Reduced WHS Issues
  • Environmentally Responsible

Triple7 products are non-ionic, surfactant based products made from organic derivatives and all products provide extraordinary surface cleaning without any of the toxic substances that are found in most common cleaning chemicals.

These powerful non-toxic solutions are made from renewable resources and are suitable for use in confined spaces. The products have no special handling or storage requirements.

Triple7 solutions enhance system performance, enable easier maintenance, extend equipment life, while decreasing whole-life costs and providing healthier working conditions.

Applications include scale removal, sanitising, degreasing, water treatment, laundry, galley and metal working. Triple7’s unique formulations can offer the Department of Defence 10% – 20% savings on maintenance costs and extend the usable life of all surface materials by 10% to 15% overall.

Envirofluid (CAGE Z02N8) is the manufacturer of the Triple7 products, and a Panel Member of MRO Standing Offer Panel (SON) 404267, Supplier to Defence.

  • Cage No. Z02N8
    MRO Standing Offer Panel (SON) 404267


Triple7 Aircraft & Metal Cleaner

Triple7 Aircraft & Metal


  • For Aluminium, Soft Metals, Aircraft Exterior
  • Removes Hydrocarbon Soils & Retards Tarnish
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Triple7 AquaSmart

  • Surface Sanitiser
  • Breaks Down into Water and Oxygen when Used
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Triple7 BioConcentrate

Triple7 BioConcentrate

  • Marine Wash-Down Cleaner
  • AMSA Listed for SCA & OHA
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Triple7 Eco-Scale

Triple7 Eco-Scale

  • Developed for the Marine Industries
  • Eco-Friendly & Safe for Waterways
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Triple7 EnviroScale Plus

Triple7 Enviroscale

  • Low Corrosive, Limescale and Calcium Remover
  • Worksafe Formulation
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Triple7 Heavy Duty - Quick Break Degreaser

Triple7 Heavy Duty -

Quick Break Degreaser

  • Assists Oil/Water Separator Performance
  • Readily Biodegradable
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Triple7 Iodosan

Triple7 Iodosan

  • Broad Spectrum Microbiocide
  • Quick Kill, Low Residual, Rinse-Free
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Triple7 Metal Shine

  • Brightening & Preserving Solution
  • Derived from Renewable Resources
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Triple7 Odour Control

Triple7 Odour Control

  • Super Concentrate Odour Neutraliser
  • Improves Quality of Water for Reuse S/ms
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Purasolve EverSafe

  • Use with bulk chemicals and lubricants
  • Better for the environment
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Purasolve PS30 Parts Washer

Purasolve PS30

Parts Washer

  • Integral Recycling / Reuse System
  • Reduces Disposal Issues & Through-Life Costs
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Purasolve PS40 Parts Washer

Purasolve PS40

Parts Washer

  • Integral Recycling / Reuse System
  • Reduces Disposal Issues & Through-Life Costs
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Purasolve Retrofit Filter Kit

Purasolve Retrofit

Filter Kit

  • Provides up to 18 month life for purasolve Solvent
  • Replacable Cartridges
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