Degreasing & Cleaning of Equipment

Degreasing & Cleaning of Equipment

Since the Triple 7  composition is unique, they do not form an emulsion with grease and oils . It works to  lifts and releases them at the surface for easy removal, and complete oil water separation.  This

  1. saves on waste costs
  2. enables re-use of the water on site as a dust suppressant
  3. saving on water procurement costs.

Safe chemistries is always a good news and that’s what Envirofluid’s Triple 7 and Purasolve Range provides with solutions for cleaning oil , greasy waste.

They protect all types of surfaces of alloys, metals and are used on all surfaces including duco, glass, chrome, stainless steel, plexi-glass, rubbers, plastics, vinyl & canvas.

Triple7 products are plant-based and are natural oil/water separators which significantly enhance the performance of oily water separator systems.

Cleaning and Equipment Wash Down


Triple7 Enviroscale

Triple7 Enviroscale

  • Low Corrosive, Limescale and Calcium Remover
  • Worksafe Formulation
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Triple7 Heavy Duty - Quick Break Degreaser

Triple7 Heavy Duty -

Quick Break Degreaser

  • Assists Oil/Water Separator Performance
  • Readily Biodegradable
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Triple7 Metallic Touch

Triple7 Metallic Touch

  • Non-Reactive to Surfaces
  • Derived from Readily Renewable Resources
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Triple7 Odour Control

Triple7 Odour Control

  • Super Concentrate Odour Neutraliser
  • Improves Quality of Water for Reuse S\ms
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Purasolve Parts

Cleaner SK

  • Fully Recyclable
  • Developed for Heavy Grease Applications
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Purasolve PWD

  • Non Evaporative Crude Oil Solvent
  • Derived from Renewable Resources
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ActiveEco ActiRevenge

ActiveEco ActiRevenge

  • Removes Staining & Corrosion
  • Brightens the Metal Finish
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Case Studies & More

Removing Toxic Butyl Cellosolve From Train Cleaning Operations
Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

Fortescue Metal Group eliminated a dangerous cleaning chemical from site, increased output, improved worker health and reduced costs with the use of Triple7 Heavy Duty. Find out more …

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Complete Oily Water Separation Resulting in Enormous Cost Savings
Fortescue Metals Group (FMG)

With the help of Envirofluid, Fortescue Metals Group eliminated a major cost burden associated with its rail operation. By implementing our quick break degreaser technology FMG dramatically increased its oil water separator efficiency, improved cleaning results and protected worker health.

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Improved Parts Cleaning Results & Worker Health with Lower Costs
Large Mining Company

With the help of Envirofluid, this mining company identified and mitigated a major health risk while reducing costs and improving cleaning results. In line with emerging national WHS standards it achieved this result at the top of the risk control hierarchy by substituting dangerous products with safe ones thus removing the threats entirely.

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Cleaner / Degreaser Trial. NSW Council Vehicle & Equipment Wash Bay

The standard cleaning and degreasing chemical for vehicle and equipment wash down at a City Council was replaced with Triple7 Heavy Duty to determine the effects on the Oil Water Separator. The council was experiencing high waste water disposal costs due to the oil water separator performance and after just 5 washes, not only is the waste water cleaner saving them in excess of $20,000 annually, but recycling the water has become an option for further environmental sustainability and cost savings!

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Improved Parts Cleaning Efficiencies & Cost Savings
Heavy Vehicle Service Centre

With the help of Envirofluid, this network of Heavy Vehicle Service Centres identified and actioned on huge cost savings which gave them improved parts cleaning results and better efficiencies while mitigating a major health risk

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