Triple7 EOR – Enhanced Oil Recovery

Triple7 EOR – Enhanced Oil Recovery

  • Its Effective in very  high salinity oil fields
  • Effective  and recommended for use in low permeability strata
  • To be used where traditional polymer or alkali products are not  effective
  • Made of renewable natural and Non-toxic, non hazardous ingredients
  • Designed for tertiary crude oil extraction
  • Micelle forming colloidal surfactant
  • Effective in low concentration applications
  • Develops ultra low interfacial tension

Triple7 EOR is an advanced non-ionic micelle forming surfactant designed to enhance oil extraction from wells where primary, secondary and traditional EOR extraction techniques are no longer efficient.

Triple7 EOR is designed for use as a low concentration surfactant for assisted flooding . It aalso increases field permeability, overcomes capillary force, cohesion force and conglutination force barriers to oil recovery.


Recovery Method

Enhancement in Oil Recovery

Due to its its high yield, low energy use and low cost chemical Oil Recovery has quickly become the most significant and cost effective oil recovery method in use today.

Surfactant Enhanced Oil Recovery (SEOR) is by far the front-runner in increasing oil field outputs in both the short and long term.

When introduced to an oil field Triple7 EOR produces “ultra-low” interfacial tension between trapped oil and water allowing for more effective flooding and oil extraction.

Because Triple7 EOR forms short lived nano emulsions oil is easily reformed into bands for extraction.

Triple7 EOR – Enhanced Oil Recovery

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Case Studies & More

Oil Recovery Techniques – The need for Enhanced Oil Recovery

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) or “Tertiary Oil Recovery”, as the name suggests, is the third and final stage implemented in recovering all the crude oil possible from an oil reservoir.

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Enhanced Oil Recovery Techniques
Surfactants in the Chemical EOR Process

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is well known for its potential to unlock up to 80% of the world’s otherwise unrecoverable oil reserves. Surfactant Flooding boosts oil production by lowering interfacial tension, increasing oil mobility thus allowing better displacement of the oil by injected water. Surfactant EOR improves the wetability of porous rocks allowing water to flow through them faster displacing more oil.

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