Ultrasonic Cleaners and Precison Washing Systems

Ultrasonic Cleaners and Precison Washing Systems

Our Range of Parts Washers and Cleaning systems are designed for economy, long life and recyclability. Using the latest of technologies in filtration, you can be assured of very high levels Cleanliness of Parts and Components. The Purasolve Range of Recyclable solvents is used in these systems with filtration levels of 0.1 microns ensuring the best of wash standards are achieved.



Single Chamber


  • Single Chamber washing systems are designed for simplicity. Solvent based these systems are fitted with …..
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Dual Chamber

Multi-Process Systems

  • The dual Chamber systems are meant for cleaning processes that require either multiple processes….
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Multi Process Systems

  • Multi-Chamber Systems comprise of Various wash processes including Ultrasonic Rinse….
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Special Purpose


  • These systems have been working efficiently and without trouble for years.
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