Triple7 BioConcentrate

Triple7 BioConcentrate

Oil Spill Clean-up & Control Agent.

  • Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Listed
  • Proven for a Powerful Oil to water Separation Action
  • Listed as a Non-Toxic and Non-Hazardous Clean up material
  • Composed of Bio based renewable extracts that Will Not Harm Environment or Marine Life
  • Has been tested and found Effective on Crude Oil and other Heavy Oils
  • Its also very Effective on Fuel and Light Oil Spills
  • The technology is an Alternative to Traditional Oil Spill Dispersants
  • The ingredients are Non-Corrosive and Safe for all Man-Made and Natural Surfaces
  • Renewable Bio Based and Readily Biodegradable used
  • Cost Effective

Triple7 BioConcentrate is asafe , powerful and effective oil spill clean up product and also used as a marine degreaser designed and listed for Australian marine environments.

This product offers a highly effective and eco-friendly alternative to traditional oil spill dispersants.

Triple7 BioConcentrate

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In the Envirofluids premier range is the Triple7 BioConcentrate which is listed as a non-toxic, environmentally safe oil spill clean-up product and marine degreaser suitable for a diverse range of marine applications including:

  • Can be used for Deck Wash down
  • Has proven Pier & Wharf Cleaning abilites
  • Approved as a Oil Spill Clean-Up
  • Can be used for Shoreline Oil Clean-up
  • Can also be used in Sea Surface Oil Spill Herding situations.
  • Bilge & Ballast Tank Cleaning
  • Also approved for Marine Oil / Water Separation
  • For Mechanical Workshop Cleaning
  • Response Vehicles
  • General Marine Degreasing

A Sustainable Alternative to Oil Spill Dispersants

When compared to  traditional dispersants Envirofluid’s Triple7 BioConcentrate works differently. It does not create a persistent emulsion that can descend in the water column towards the ocean floor. Instead the product is designed to create  very short-lived micro emulsions that  break up an oil spill on the surface  from where it evaporates due to exposure to sunlight or  biodegrades due to natural action. Thus we manage to keep the  oil on the surface  and  decrease the negative impacts on marine life .

4-in-1  Oil Spill Clean-up and Herding Agent

Triple7 BioConcentrate  works in 4 different ways.,  as  an Oil Herding Agent, Marine Degreaser, a Surface Cleaning Agent and Oil dispersant.

Safe for Marine Life and the Environment

Unlike traditional methods of Oil Herding and clean up, Triple7 BioConcentrate offers a powerful, safe and effective oil separation action without the potential for the serious environmental effects.

Triple7 BioConcentrate is formulated with renewable resources and works in a way not to effect marine plant or animal life . The product has undergone testing and and has no known adverse effects on sea water quality. Accordingly this product is listed by the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) for use on oil spills in Australian waters. There are no known restrictions on its use in general marine environments.

Triple7 BioConcentrate is available in:

Size Code
5 Litres AABCN-5
20 Litres AABCN-20
200 Litres AABCN-200
1000 Litres AABCN-BB

Product Suitability

Triple7 BioConcentrate  can be diluted  effectively with a wide range of oil spills crude oil, heavy oil, residual fuels, diesel, kerosene, white spirits and lubricants  including mineral oils.

Oil Herding in Open Ocean & Uncontained Environments of the Seas

In open-ocean and uncontained bodies of water Triple7 BioConcentrate can be applied as a spray from surface vessels or aircraft in a similar way to any  dispersant. When applied to the centre of the spill the product causes oil to rapidly herd outwards into thin bands, which are then further broken up by wind and wave action.

Oil Herding In Sea or Ocean Shore

When a spill  reaches the shores and is contained by structures and/or booms ., Triple7 BioConcentrate can be applied directly to the oil slick . Hence Once applied at 10-12% concentrations the agent forces the oil to rapidly migrate in an outwards direction where it collects against the booms. The concentrations  or dilution Ratios depend on the thickness of Crude and its viscosity. In such an  application the product actually concentrates the oil spill into a smaller surface area where it can be more effectively collected and/or burnt. If burning or igniting the crude for disposal purposes  is contemplated, then please note that  the oil Triple7 BioConcentrate will not affect the burn efficiency.

The most common method of capturing the oil is  with the use of lipophilic booms (high or low density polyethylene), oil/ water phase separation systems (fabric, flood, filtration or centrifugal) or other oil collection systems.

Surface Cleaning

A Surface Cleaning Agent (SCA) is a product which, when applied to oil on shorelines or other firm surfaces facilitates the removal of the oil by natural processes or cleanup activities.

In this type of application Triple7 BioConcentrate functions like a ‘quick break’ degreaser by rapidly lifting oil soiling from surfaces without forming a permanent emulsion. The product may be applied as a broad spectrum spray, metered into the oil body or boom applied by saturating hydrophobic booms with the Triple7 BioConcentrate solution.

Shelf Life & Stockpiling


An  ideal cleaner and marine degreaser for oil based soiling and oil spills on all types on natural and man-made surfaces including: piers. It is non corrosive and does not react with the cleaning surface. The product can also be used for tank cleaning and as an effective oil vapour dispersant.

Because Triple7 BioConcentrate is safe for release into marine environments it is the marine degreaser of choice where waste water run-off is difficult to manage.

Safe for Equipment

Unlike caustic based cleaners, Triple7 BioConcentrate releases soiling without reacting with the cleaning surface, making it safe for metals, plastics, rubbers and fabrics

Free from any Regulatory RestrictionsTriple 7 BioConcentrate has no known application or recorded restrictions in a water environment and no known legal restrictions limiting the use of Triple7 BioConcentrate.

AMSA Listed  (Registered on the OSCA as a SCA and OHA)     download certificate

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Accreditation   download certificate

Readily Biodegradable – AS4351  view certificate

Toxicity Report  download report

Case Studies & More

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