Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate

Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate

A New Generation Powerful bio-based cleaner and degreaser that enhances safety at Workplace without compromising performance.

  • Easily removes Heavy Oil and Grease marks at the same time   while protecting the cleaning surface.
  • Work Safe and No storage ristrictions
  • Bio Derived Natural resources Highly Concentrated and Environmentally Responsible
  • Enhances System Performance
  • Naturally Improves Oil/Water Separation

Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate is a unique surfactant cleaner cleans virtually any surface which can be exposed to water.


Colloidal Concentrate

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Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate is a new technology product that is a homogeneous blend of colloids, sequestrants, surfactants and hyper-wetting agents . These Bio based additives  become ‘Super Active’ when processed together.  The cleaning action is similar to an atomic explosion where the ceaseless random movement of the atoms taking place in the product actually lifts, separates and holds the soiling in suspension.  This hyperactivity of minute particles (micelles), breaks the surface tension of water and in effect cause dirt and oils to separate from the water, without damaging the cleaning surface.

Where has been tests that also prove that when used at very dilute concentrations, Triple7 Colloidal Concentrate is capable of washing sulphur from high sulphur coal slurry.  We learned this from experience at some coal fired power generators where slurry was delivered some hundreds of miles by pump.  After dewatering, the slurry is fully ignitable.

Looking for an Oil Spill Clean-Up Agent? This product is now called Triple7 Bio Concentrate.

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