Floor & Hard Surface Cleaners

Floor & Hard Surface Cleaners

For hard floors and Surface Cleanings we offer three options of solutions. The selection of the correct grade would depend upon the extent of greasing and working conditions.

Triple 7 : These are aqueous based fluids made of Purely Bio Derived ingredients .

Purasolve : Solvent Based Chemistries of the  Purasolve Range  are Technologically advanced.  They possess features like No flammability, Nil Benzene content

Active Eco: These chemistries offer the highest possible power against all forms of greases and Soils

The risk profile is highly reduced in all Envirofluid solutions.


Featured Case Study

Cleaner / Degreaser Trial. NSW Council Vehicle & Equipment Wash Bay

The standard cleaning and degreasing chemical for vehicle and equipment wash down at a City Council was replaced with Triple7 Heavy Duty to determine the effects on the Oil Water Separator. The council was experiencing high waste water disposal costs due to the oil water separator performance and after just 5 washes, not only is the waste water cleaner saving them in excess of $20,000 annually, but recycling the water has become an option for further environmental

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Triple7 Aviation Cleaner

Triple7 Aviation Cleaner

  • Powerful Exterior Aircraft Cleaner
  • Protects Against Tarnish and Oxidation
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Triple7 Heavy Duty - Quick Break Degreaser

Triple7 Heavy Duty -

Quick Break Degreaser

  • Assists Oil/Water Separator Performance
  • Readily Biodegradable
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Triple7 hospitality

Triple7 Hospitality

  • Surface, equipment and floor cleaner
  • Safe for food processing areas
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Triple7 mega clean

Triple7 Mega Clean

  • Multi-Purpose – Reduced Inventory
  • Destroys Odours at Their Source
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Triple7 Metallic Touch

Triple7 Metallic Touch

  • Vehicle and Equipment Wash
  • Non-Reactive to Surfaces
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Purasolve Surface Prep

  • High-Tech Cleaning Compound
  • Cleans Surfaces for Painting
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ActiveEco ActiveBlitz

ActiveEco ActiveBlitz

  • Hard Surface Alkaline Cleaner
  • Oven, Grill and Stove Cleaner
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ActiveEco ActiResist

ActiveEco ActiResist

  • Industrial Metal Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Powerful Combination Cleaning Action
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ActiveEco ActiRevenge

ActiveEco ActiRevenge

  • Removes Staining & Corrosion
  • Brightens the Metal Finish
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20l-activeeco-rejuv-1000w (1)

ActiveEco Rejuvenator

  • Hard Surface Cleaner
  • Rejuvenates Surfaces to Original Lustre
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5l-activeeco-restore-1000w (1)

ActiveEco Restore

  • Deep Cleaning Hard Floor Restorer
  • Restores Original Surface
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Case Studies & More

Superior Moss Removal Results with Non-Toxic Chemical ReplacementsNSW University

With the help of Envirofluid, the University identified and mitigated a major health risk and sustainability hazard associated with its maintenance operation. In line with emerging national WHS standards it achieved this result at the top of the risk control hierarchy by substituting dangerous products with safe ones thus removing the threats entirely. In addition, the requirement of weekly removal of moss was extended out to every three months reducing labour costs and improving the                                                                overall satisfaction of the client with cleaner surfaces.

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Wash Bays – How to save big money by reducing oily waste water

Using conventional chemicals and degreasers in industrial wash bays creates large volumes of oily waste water that cannot be released down sewers or into water ways. Strict government regulations require the safe removal and disposal of oily waste water from wash bays. This can be very expensive.

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