Triple7 Hospitality

Triple7 Hospitality

Powerful food-safe surface, equipment and floor cleaner

Without the use of hazardous or toxic chemicals, this botanical formulation enables you to get the better of grime, oil stains and grease.

  • Surfaces remain clean for longer periods
  • Biodegradable
  • Doesn’t corrode machinery and equipment
  • Low foaming
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Can be suitably used in food processing and food preparation
  • No use of toxic Ingredients
  • Concentrated to be cost effective

NSN 7930-66-159-7252 – 5 Litre Bottle

Triple7 Aviation Cleaner

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Triple 7 Hospitality Plays an important role in food preparation as it enables equipment and surfaces to be safe and clean. Without including any of hazardous or harmful chemicals, this effective floor and surface cleaner is effectiv against  commercial grade soiling and build-ups.

Triple 7 Hospitality is Non-Corrosive and does not damage surfaces when being cleaned. This effective, low foaming degreaser and cleaner is used on ovens, grease traps, floors, benches, counters, machinery and equipment.

It has no special disposal or storage requirements, and  Triple 7 does not release unpleasant or toxic odours. It is found to be extremely safe while used in confined spaces.

Triple7 Hospitality is available in:

Size Code
5 Litres AAHOS-5 7930-66-159-7252
20 Litres AAHOS-20
200 Litres AAHOS-200
1000 Litres AAHOS-BB

We also offer this product diluted as a Ready-to-Use Product in 1Litre Spray Top bottles for ease of use:

Size Code
1 Litre R-T-U AAHOSR5-1 12/Carton


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