Triple7 Awaken

Triple7 Awaken

Mineral based industrial hand cleaner

Triple 7 Awaken  is a natural cleaner made of bio based extracts.  Triple 7Awaken  makes hand soft by retaining the natural oils and working to lift off surface grime, dirt or industrial pollutants.

  • It works to removes odours at the source and does not use fragrences to cover up
  • Biologically safe for different types of skin types especially  sensitive skin
  • Natural based grit that acts to dislodge grime
  • Since it does not act against body’s natural oils it will not strip away skin’s natural oils
  • Effectively removes heavy and ingrained dirt and grime
  • Will gently lift paints and dyes including hair dye
  • Natural product
  • It is readily Biodegradable

Triple7 Awaken

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Its time to refresh and awaken your skin and pamper your skin . Time to delight your senses. This powerful hand cleanser from Envirofluid effectively removes grime, paints, oils, dyes , unpleasant odours  and dirt, without irritating sensitive skin.

We use Active soft zeolite and soft silica minerals absorb and lift dirt and grease from the surface of the skin without using any harsh abrasives or hazardous chemicals. Dirt, Odours and impurities  are trapped and lifted away leaving skin fresh, soft and supple.

Triple7 Awaken is a pure and natural alternative to harsh chemical cleansers and abrasives which remove protective oils and irritate the skin

Triple7 Awaken is effective for removing dirt, grease, oil, ingrained grime, paint and dye from hands.

Simply use in place of a traditional chemical-based hand cleanser and rinse well with water.

Hands are left clean, fresh and soft.

Eco Friendly and Sustainable

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