Triple7 Glass Shine

Triple7 Glass Shine

A high performance, organic glass and mirror cleaner

A Very high performance glass and Mirror cleaner

  • It’s Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of
  • Made of Renewable resources
  • Increases Sustainability
  • Derived from Readily Biodegradable Resources
  • High-Tech, No Streak Glass and Window Cleaner
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • Super Concentrate
  • Non-Reactive to Surfaces

Triple7 Glass Shine is a high performance, organic mirror cleaning solution and  glass that leaves surfaces clean and polished without using toxic chemicals.

Triple7 AquaSmart

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Triple7 Glass Shine DOES not etch glass surfaces or harm elastomer gaskets or seals and  is a high performance, non-toxic and readily biodegradable glass and mirror cleaner . The product is bio-based, has a neutral pH level and a pleasant odour.  Triple7 Glass Shine cleans and polishes without streaking and reduces static electricity.

Triple7 Glass Shine is also suitable for use on mirror surfaces and delicate instrument parts .

The product is free of hazardous components and leaves glass/mirror surfaces clean and streak-free without using ammonia or other toxic chemicals.

Triple7 Glass Shine contains proprietary non-ionic surfactants & ethanol drying agent

Triple7 Glass Shine is available in:

Size Code
5 Litres AAGS-5
20 Litres AAGS-20
200 Litres AAGS-200
1000 Litres AAGS-BB

We also offer this product diluted as a Ready-to-Use Product in 1Litre Spray Top bottles for ease of use:

Size Code
1 Litre R-T-U AAGSR5-1 12/Carton

Case Studies & More

Safer glass cleaning substitute leads to dramatic labour cost reduction

Cairns Height Safety introduced Triple7 Glass Shine as a substitute for traditional glass and mirror cleaner. The simple application process and highly effective performance of Triple7 Glass Shine resulted in a dramatic time reduction of 50%.

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