Triple7 Enviroscale

Triple7 Enviroscale

Readily Biodegradable, eco-friendly Scale and Calcium remover.

The unique composition of Triple7 Enviroscale combines renewable ingredients derived from natre, to  make a highly effective and unique product for Calcium and scale removal.  This powerful botanical formulation removes scale from virtually any surface, without corroding the surface material.

Triple 7 Enviroscale offers powerful scale removal performance, without harsh acids that can damage equipment, and cause work safety or disposal issues and is a worksafe and eco-friendly alternative to standard Descaling  products..

  • Will not cause damage surfaces and equipment
  • Easy to use and dispose off
  • Cost effective formulation
  • Unique high performance formulation
  • Low corrosion with no acid ingredients

  • Can be Disposed  down sewers and in landfills
  • Suitable for home, business and industrial purposes
  • Worksafe and non hazardous
  • No PPE requirements
  • No toxic or harmful ingredients
  • Environmentally Responsible

Triple7 Enviroscale

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Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Accreditation    download certificate

HACCP Food Safety Certified    download report

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) Approved    download certificate

Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI) Listed    download certificate

Haztek Risk Assessment    download report

Australian Defence NSN Classification  20Litre    6850-66-152-0080

Australian Defence NSN Classification  200Litre  6850-66-152-0081

Case Studies & More

Cooling Tower Limescale Treatment with Minimal Downtime and Increased Safety
Rio Tinto

Envirofluid was able to provide Rio Tinto with a worksafe organic acid blend which was guaranteed to not erode metal surfaces or create waste water treatment issues. This limescale cleaner achieved optimum descaling without dismantling any item on the system and the wastewater flush was able to be used as a road dust suppressant without further treatment.

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Removing Limescale Build Up in a Commercial Laundry

A bio-based Triple7 product allowed a large commercial laundry operation to completely remove calcium limescale build up on their filters, whilst saving on labour costs. This worksafe procedure also removed risks to maintenance staff by removing strong acids from their inventory and the removal of grinding wheels/brushes from the process.

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Removing Limescale and Organic Build-Up from Submarine Sewage Systems
Collins Class

The ability to reduce risks, improve outcomes, save costs and reduce environmental impact through the use of a GECA accredited, readily biodegradable, non-hazardous acid based chemistry was a total win for the Australian Defence Force.

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Reducing Hazards and Expense in Heat Exchanger Limescale Removal
Defence Anzac Class

Envirofluid was able to provide the Australian Defence Force with Triple7 EnviroScale – a worksafe organic limescale remover which was guaranteed not to erode metal surfaces or create waste water treatment issues. Pipework and heat exchanger systems could be flushed insitu without the risk of corrosion or damage to elastomeric surfaces, resulting in very large labour and cost savings for the Australian Defence Force.

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