Purasolve Graffiti Remover

Purasolve Graffiti Remover

A powerful non-dangerous solvent for graffiti removal

  • High-Tech Graffiti Cleaning Compound
  • Non Dangerous
  • Low Vapour Pressure
  • Improved Worker Health & Safety
  • Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of
  • Slow Evaporating – Reduced Product Usage
  • Reduced PPE Requirement
  • Eliminate Cost of Product Lost to Evaporation


Purasolve Graffiti Remover is an easy to use safety solvent for fast graffiti removal from smooth surfaces.

Purasolve Graffiti Remover

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Case Studies & More

Effectively Removing Graffiti from Partition Panels

Envirofluid were asked to trial different graffiti removal products on a wall partition. The Envirofluid graffiti removal products caused no surface damage to the partition panel with the Purasolve Graffiti Remover being the most effective in removing all types of graffiti.

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Removing Graffiti Easily without Damaging the Substrate

We love to hear and share positive feedback from our customers. Here are before and after photos sent to us by a professional cleaner, Ross, who regularly removes graffiti from public buildings.

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