Triple7 AquaSmart

Triple7 AquaSmart

A Hydrogen Peroxide blend which Purifies Drinking Water

Triple 7 Aquasmart is a hydrogen Peroxide blend that leaves Leaves No Taste or Odour. It stays active in water for one to two months, and is stable over a wide range of Ph  temperatures. The product is a pour in solution and is not dangerous or hazardous.

Being a far safer form of Chlorine free water treatment, it breaks down into water  and oxygen when used.

Triple7 AquaSmart

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Triple7 AquaSmart




Triple7 AquaSmart

Water Purification



Triple7 AquaSmart

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Triple7 AquaSmart


Triple 7 AquaSmart is modern and high tech apart from  being a far safer form of Chlorine free water treatment. It breaks down into water  and oxygen when used. Its far safer form of storage, treatment and supply.

Triple7 AquaSmart  also deals in a cost effective and responsible manner.,  with the many variables in water supply that can change daily, eliminating contamination issues .

Triple7 AquaSmart is odourless ,tasteless and does not form any undesirable chemical by-products.  It leaves the water fresh, pure and healthy. It can also be used as a wipe disinfectant or spray disinfectant.

Hygienic Water Supply

Water , it sustains life forms of all types and  is one element for which there is no substitute.  Water is also the carrier of all sorts of diseases and toxic contaminants dissolved materials and biological life forms as well.  Contamination can include pesticides and minerals such as iron and manganese bacteria, coliforms, viruses, or cysts.

The quality of water supplies in many different applications is increasingly becoming a cause of concern.  Rainwater tanks, factory process lines, potable water supplies and cooling towers are all subject to many pollutants.  From biofilm and bacteria in supply pipelines to bird droppings and agricultural sprays in open water tanks and catchments, these pollutants can become concentrated and intensify, particularly in water supply networks, warm climates and heated water supplies.

Hydrogen Peroxide is endorsed as a drinking water treatment by the Australian Government’s National Health and Medical Research Council, in the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines (version 6), 2011 and is used for reducing taste and odours, oxidising metals or organics, and acts as an algicide, disinfectant and biocide.  It can also be used to destroy ozone residual.

Triple7 AquaSmart can be used for: Potable Water Supply, Remote or Offshore Water supply and cooling towers. It can be used for sanitizing spray and be supplied in water tanks.

Standard Dilution Rates:

The normal dose rate in drinking water is 200mL / 1000Ltrs (10mg/Ltr).
At this dose rate the silver content is 0.005mg/Ltr – 20 times less than the Australian Drinking Guidelines value of 0.1mg/Ltr

To shock dose a problem system or as an initial system treatment dose at a rate of 200mL / 1000Ltrs.

Dose the Triple7 Aquasmart directly into the water supply, ensuring an even distribution where possible.Always allow 24 hours of contact time for the Triple7 AquaSmart to mix and react. (The water may be used during this time but disinfection may not be complete)Depending on the condition of the water and the water consmption Triple7AquaSmart can remain active in the water for between 1 to 2 months.  Hydrogen Peroxide test strips are available to test this activity

Better Results, Safer Assets, Lower Cost

With a  long residual life, Triple7 AquaSmart ,testing has shown that active water purifying residual is still present after 6 months in bottled water.  But in comparison, chlorine residuals only last a few days.

Enhanced Effectiveness

Effective over a wide temperature range , Triple7 AquaSmart is making it the ideal water purifier, particularly in warmer environments where chlorine residuals are hard to maintain.The effectiveness of Triple7 AquaSmart is not influenced by the hardness of water (up to 500mg/Ltr CaO).It also has negligible sensitivity to light and UV so can be used in open tanks and reservoirs.

Lower Chemical Volume Required

Therefore  Triple7 AquaSmart is required for an effective sanitisation, that chemical requirement is often 14 times less. This means less transport, handling and storage costs, resulting in an overall reduction in treatment cost.

Available as a Non DG

Triple7 AquaSmart is available as a Non Dangerous Good so it needs no special storage areas, lowering the cost of transport, handling and storage.

Health, Safety and Environmental Benefits

Safe for you and your Workers

Triple7 AquaSmart does not form any undesirable chemical by-products or THM’s (Trihalomethanes).


The treatment leaves no clorinous taste or odours in the water.  Rather Triple7 AquaSmart works to keep the water oxygenated and fresh by a partial breakdown of hydrogen peroxide.

Safe for the Environment

Triple7 AquaSmart breaks down into water and oxygen when used.  It contains no ozone depleting chemicals or hazardous air pollutants and the product is 100% biodegradable. Furthermore, Triple7 AquaSmart will not upset the balance of nature’s delicate ecosystems.

Application is Easy

Triple7 AquaSmart can be dosed directly into the water supply.  Although contact time is required for the product to disinfect the water, when dosed at the recommended rates Triple7 AquaSmart will not harm humans, livestock or plants.


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