Triple7 Envirobore

Triple7 Envirobore

Pipework & Bore Cleaning – Non-toxic Non-Corrosive

  • Derived from Renewable Resources
  • No Toxic or Hazardous Ingredients
  • Safe to Use, Store and Dispose of
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • High Performance Liquid Pipework and Bore Cleaner
  • Safely Removes Iron Bacteria, Slime and Odours
  • Does not Harm Crops or Plant Life
  • Improves Water Supply

Is the bore water causing iron bacteria blockages, resulting in a loss of money  for pump and pipe work  maintenance?

The use of  high performance surfactant chemistry  in Triple7 Envirobore is ideally designed  for breaking-up iron bacteria. The product is non-corrosive, organic and readily biodegradable. Its also listed by OMRI.

Triple7 Envirobore

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The Envirobore Overview

Welcome to an Organic World. The chemistry of Triple7 Envirobore is such that the ingrediaents are  non-toxic and  readily biodegradable It works without harming the tank, filter  pipework and bore cleaners.  This high performance surfactant formulation keeps bores, drilling equipment retorts, pipework and associated systems free of iron bacteria, scale and organic deposits.  The product is non-corrosive contains no metallic or acid based products, including oxalic acid.

When used in concentrations as directed Triple7 Envirobore will not harm animals, plants , waterways, soils, grasses or different types of fauna.

When used consistently, the product been seen to reduce / remove iron staining in some instances.

To  control or inhibit growth  of algae and slime in tanks and troughs , the water system can  being dosed with Triple7 Envirobore.

The product also acts as a wetting agent, enhancing growth during irrigation.

Iron Bacteria- Now what could that be?

Have you ever tried to break open a  underground pipe that has been pumping water for a period of few years and more? Do you see reddish color slimy paste that oozes out from it? These are Micro-organisms which live and grow in ground-water distribution systems.  Being slimy and  rust coloured , these ‘biofilms’ are produced. These have been known to cause  many problems including an increase in the costs of pumping, repairs and maintenance. Also sume time the blockages are so severe that in some drilling of an entirely new bore is the only answer.

To  prevent iron bacteria and  improve the water quality its advisable to use Triple 7 Envirobore  regularly. This also helps and protect the pumps and equipment.

Preventing Scale build-up due to hard water

One factor that contributes to Good Maintainance is to implementation of systems processes and procedures that will help  prevent downtime that caused by using bore or hard water. We can expect to experience mechanical failure due to calcium or scale build-up in pipes, wells and plumbing systems in which hard or calcium loaded water is passed through..  Hard calcium build up causes hot water system failure and seizure of pumps, valves etc . This results in expensive downtime, repair costs and the need for stand-by equipment. Regular maintenance is required on pumps that freeze due to scale formations on rotors, ports, etc. along with motor, shaft and bearing damage due to extra loadings.
Failures can be overcome by dosing Triple7 Envirobore into water mains prior to the pumping equipment. Dosing rates of 20ppm are normally sufficient to control scale build-up if the equipment is not already frozen and inoperative.
If scale has built-up in a pump or hot water unit, it is recommended to use Triple7 Enviroscale, a bio-based descalant, an excellent alternative to traditional Hydrochloric Acid based products.

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Using of Envirobore- How and When

The following are conditions that can be avoided by using Triple7 Envirobore :

  • Removal  and prevention of  iron bacteria formation in water bores, pipes, pumps & filters
  • Removal of  odours from within in the the water supply
  • Improvement of  Water Quality and System Function
  • Controlling of pipe  scum, slime and algae growth
  • Removal and prevention of  calcification

Triple7 Envirobore is supplied in an easy-to-use liquid form.

Unblocking of pipes, drippers and sprays:  In these situations dosing the water will be necessary. Once-off treatments will help to clear any slime build-up to some degree but thorough cleaning will need the constant addition of product.  Dosing can be set as high as 50 parts per million, for first-off restoring of flow, then reduced to 10ppm or less.

Pump maintenance: Place dismantled parts in Triple7 Envirobore (diluted at 1:10 with water) and circulate or agitate until clean. Leave in solution for a minimum of 6 hours, then rinse and reassemble.

For maintenance dose: We recommend the use of  EnviroPulse metering pump ,add product at a rate of 1:100,000 parts water (10ml per 1000 litres) to system. Do speak to us for further details.

Dosing and Cleaning of Tanks & Troughs: Empty the tank or trough of most of the water and sludge.  Dilute Triple7 Envirobore 1:10 to 1:30 with water and apply to the sides with a broom/brush. Let stand for 30 minutes than scrub the tank base, rinse away all contaminants and refill with clean water.

Case Studies & More

Removing Iron Bacteria from a Centre Pivot Irrigator

From a blocked irrigator to clear water after only three weeks of treatment with 60Ltrs of Triple7 Envirobore.

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Removing Iron Bacteria from Irrigation Filters

With the help of Envirofluid, a large irrigation company has removed an iron bacteria build up and returned their filter effectiveness to near new capacity. They achieved this without disassembling equipment saving on downtime. This provided huge cost savings whilst protecting worker health and     the environment.

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