Triple7 EnviroClear

Triple7 EnviroClear

The safest way to clean effluent systems and destroys odours with a unique non-toxic bio-based surfactant formulation.

  • This Saves on pump-down Expenses
  • Regular use also Improves the Leach Pit Drainage Situation
  • Readily Biodegradable
  • 100% Organic Derived from Readily Renewable Resources
  • Performance Guaranteed
  • Breaks Down Solids & Cleans Pipework
  • Assists Septic and Waterless Systems
  • High Performance Cleaner & Deodoriser
  • Destroys Odours

Triple7 EnviroClear

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The Unique action of  Triple7 EnviroClear   helps in removing odours and breaks down grease and fat deposits, allowing them to be released from the system.

This  is a unique surfactant formulation that destroys  cleans and deodorises drains before they enter the septic system. It indirectly  improves drainage in leach drains and soak wells. Without using harmful chemicals Triple7EnviroClear restores efficiency and maintains aerated waste treatment and septic systems.

The product restores efficiency, eliminates odours , assists with solids breakdown and saves on expensive pump-down times. It also   improves effluent and septic system drainage, enhances water flow.

Maintaining Aerated Waste Treatment Systems & Septic Systems.

When there is an imbalance between the natural bacteria that digest waste and the amount and type of waste they consume, the result is an Highly clogged and smelly Septic Tank. Such Inefficient systems  can be expensive to rectify and also cause many health issues.

Are you suffering with effluent and water treatment issues  because of :

  •  ExcessiveGrease & fat deposits
  •  Frequent pump-downs.
  •  Expensive plumbing bills.
  • Blocked pipes & drains
  •  Water-logging near leach drains
  •  Odours in drains & grease traps
  •  Poor sludge break-down

Causes of Such problems are:

  • Traditional cleaning chemicals – Kill desirable sewer bacteria.
  • Septic overload – High use of facilities eg. Public toilets, mine sites and factories.
  • Grease & fat deposits – Restaurants, food processing plants and canteens.

In such cases Triple7 EnviroClear is the ultimate solution . . .

  •  Because its Odourless
  •  Made of Readily biodegradable and Renewable resources
  •  Environmentally responsible
  •  Convenient liquid formulation

The Unique  surfactant formulation that destroys odours and breaks down built-up grease and fat deposits, allowing them to be released from the systemTriple 7 EnviroClear deodorises drains before they enter the septic system, and improves drainage in leach drains and soak wells. When Triple7 EnviroClear is used instead of harmful chemical products, it restores maximum efficiency and maintains aerated waste treatment and septic systems in optimum working condition.
An organic product that achieves optimum results every time.

Act now to achieve healthy, problem-free Septic

Triple7 EnviroClear can be used in a variety of applications including:

  • Prevents waterlogging near leach drains
  • Assists sludge breakdown
  • Controls grease & fat deposits
  • A treatment for all septic systems and effluent systems
  • Portable and waterless toilets for odour control and to maintain system efficiency
  • Great for use in camping & caravan toilets, disposal bins & garbage compactors
  • Neutralises odours in drains & grease traps

Triple7 EnviroClear is supplied in an easy-to-use liquid form.

This concentrated product goes a long way – 20 litres will last up to 20 months in normal use conditions (250ml per week).

Odour Control in Drains & Grease Traps – Add 250ml per day to plumbing system until odour-free, then 250ml as required for system maintenance.

Portable, Camping and Caravan Toilets – Add 70ml per litre to holding tank. Then add 35ml per day. If odour increases, add more product as required

Septic Systems & AWTS (Aerated Waste Treatment Systems) – Dose initially with 250ml (1 cup) per day of concentrated product into toilets, sinks or drains until odour-free (2 to 4 days) then add 250ml (1 cup) weekly, or as required, to maintain treatment and system efficiency..

Composting, Disposal Bins & Garbage Compactors – Apply by spraying or misting or alternatively pour 250ml onto surface.

Hard surface cleaning – Wash with diluted product eg: walls, floors, benches and ablution blocks.

Accreditations & Approvals

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Accreditation   download certificate

HACCP Food Safety Certifieddownload report

Australian Defence NSN Classification  5Litre   7930-66-159-7250


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