Triple7 Iodosan

Triple7 Iodosan

Powerful broad spectrum iodine based sanitiser

The broad sprectrum antibiotic and detergent disinfectant In the Triple 7 range, is labeled as Triple 7 Iodasan.. It’s a , detergent disinfectant effective against a wide range of bacteria & organisms

  • Natural, Effective Cleaning
  • Disinfects all Hard Surfaces
  • Rinse free @ 1:700 (approx. 15ml to 10 Litres)
  • 99.9% Kill Rate in 2 minutes
  • High Performance, Iodine Based Sanitiser
  • Broad Spectrum Microbiocide

Quick Kill, Low Residual

NSN 7930-66-153-2102 – 20Ltr Drum

Triple7 Iodosan

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If one has to compare all iodine based preparations,the common factor would be the use of free radical of iodine to provide the cleaning impetus.. However, in the case of Triple7 Iodosan an additional antimicrobial factor operates.

The sanitising capacity of Triple7 Iodosan is determined by the total amount of free iodine.  Triple7 Iodosan has been formulated so that at the recommended dilutions practically all the iodine is free, ensuring a rapid biocidal action.

Formulated to yield at least 1.75% m/v of available iodine the action is effective  against a wide range of bacteria & organisms.Triple7 Iodosan is a broad spectrum, detergent disinfectant with a light iodine odour.  Triple7 Iodosan is an acid formulation containing iodine which is held in a complex chemical structure known as Iodophor.

The chemical basis of the germicidal action of Triple7 Iodosan is by the oxidation and iodination of amino acids, sulfhydryl compounds, peptides, proteins, enzymes, vitamin C, lipids and cytosine, resulting in the in-activation of molecules that are essential for biological activity.

Triple7 Iodosan has a 99.9% kill rate in two minutes at a 1:500 dilution when tested against most organisms.

Triple7 Iodosan is available in:

Size Code NSN
5 Litres AAIOD-5
20 Litres AAIOD-20 7930-66-153-2102
200 Litres AAIOD-200
1000 Litres AAIOD-BB

Triple7 Iodosan can be used in a variety of disinfection and sanitising applications including:

  • In  Hospitals, Ambulance, Operating Theatres, Aged Care and Morgues
  • For Cooling tower, farm equipment, buildings & broiler sheds
  • In Kitchen & Food preparation areas and equipment
  • On Glassware & for Utensil cleaning and disinfection
  • Water tanks, amphibious craft and bilges
  • Sewage and effluent tank cleaning
  • Bottling and Canning Industries
  • Bins & Garbage Compactors
  • Poultry drinking water
  • Amenities cleaning
  • Laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Food and Dairy plants
  • Kitchen & Food preparation areas and equipment
  • Glassware & Utensil cleaning
  • Laboratory instruments and equipment
  • Food and Dairy plants

Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) Accreditation   download certificate

Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (AQIS) Approved  download certificate

Australian Defence NSN Classification  5Litre      7930-66-1530-2102


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